Project Manager

R690.00 / month

A modern, usable system to manage projects.


A modern, usable system to manage projects.

1. Create projects with files, milestones and task lists
2. View Gantt Charts, Dashboards and Calendar
3. Collect billable time, share progress with clients and send invoices

Use with unlimited number of users

Add unlimited tasks, projects and users. Your subscription covers allows any number of users with different roles and permissions.

Track billable time

Track the time spent on any project. Use a built-in timer that keeps records inside the project. It gives you a fatual record of times when tasks were started, stopped, paused and or any other entry you might want. It enables you to calculate your charge according to a rate that you set.

Use Gantt Charts

Get view that helps you easly identify dependencies between tasks and subtasks.

Use Kanban Boards

Use a taskboard for your projects and manage your projects in a visual way. Create tasks, drag and drop them in different boards.

Use Interactive Task Calendar

Get daily, weekly or monthly view of task timelines with a drag and drop feature. Filter them by projects or users as you prefer.

Manage team capacity and roles

Customize access and permission levels. You can do this for every project and every role. when required, you may give appropriate access and permissions to external parties as well.

Manage Recurring Tasks

Create routine tasks where required and save time. Automate the recurring process just the way you want.

Manage Documents

Store and access your project files in one place. Navigate to linked messages, task lists or tasks with a single click.

Give personal dashboard to each team member

Manage your tasks and personal progress on a single screen. These may have been allocated to your or created as private by yourself. You can see completed, outstanding and active tasks in the dashboard.

See overall project performance

Get a high-level view of all projects, associated members and other details. Create projects, manage members, users and more.

Have discussions between team members

You can have project discussions for easy communication between teammates.

Manage priorities

Set different priority tags for each task. The team will know which task need to be performed first. This will enable meeting of deadlines on important things.

See project updates as they happen

Know of every update make in projects from a single view. This view gives a detailed record of activities in projects.

Get valuable reports for bSend a Daily Digest of activitiesetter insight

This sends an daily email with a summary of progress made during the day. It includes tasks outstanding for the next day.

Share project view with your customers

Make projects and tasks accessible on the frontend of your site. This will benefit especially your clients.

Track Milestones

Create milestones for your projects. Assign messages, task lists and tasks to each milestone. Check and manage progress.

Integrate with your Online Shop

The system will automatically create projects and task lists when an order is received.

Build an integrated Community Platform

Build communities of your customers and teams. They can have personal profiles, and share and interact with each other. There will also be access rules.