Business Applications

A business application is a collection of components that provide business functionality. This functionality can be usee internally, externally, or with other business applications.

For example, Order Management, Inventory Management, and Billing.

This software can perform any business transaction. It must capture information, store data, and manipulate that data to satisfy a need. The transaction must have an input, which can be a request or some information that triggers the process to start. The application should produce an output, which is also usually data or a request. A simple example is a payroll application.

Studies show that multitasking is actually counterproductive to operations and can reduce company productivity by up to 40%. With an automated operating system, business owners can rest assured that tasks are completed efficiently by allowing employees to focus their attention on more intensive tasks.
No matter the objective of an organization, there is a software solution to optimize nearly every process, including-

Early software performed very narrow functions. It was not unusual to have a program do a single calculation on all of the data records, which were often cards or tapes, and then have the same data run through another program to do another calculation. This is because computers had very little memory and could not handle multiple actions at once. Our systems group programs into “Applications,” that manage a full business function.

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