Open to Operate Online

The ongoing threat to our health has sparked an urgency for most businesses to adopt work-from-home policies. Thanks to everyone devoted to fighting the spread of disease.


Over the years, it has proven not to be a simple exercise to introduce and manage work-from-home effectively while keeping business lights on.


Surfing around, a lot of opensource solutions show competitive levels of maturity to support work-from-home. With the right environment, teams can derive a lot of value from the functionality offered by opensource platforms like Nextcloud, Invoice Ninja and Prestashop.


With Nextcloud for instance, one can run a full-featured private cloud. Users would benefit for such features as file sync, calendar, tasks, notes sharing and chat. They may also enable Kanban project management and password vaults(given all sorts of cryptic phrases we have to keep in our heads).


Invoice Ninja will enable you to quote, invoice, send statements, manage vendors and billable tasks. It may be integrated into a reputable payment gateway for clients to conveniently make payment on receipt of their emails.


While on Prestashop you may run an online shop with the looks and matching functionality. You may use as catalogue only, and perhaps enable visitors to submit orders and payments along with delivery details.


These applications are mostly not resource-intense and provide additional plugins to extend functionality when desired.


Most of these projects are backed by active communities of volunteers, with organised release cycles and version control.


This is not an exhaustive list of solutions and related features, there's an ocean of them out there for exploration and most are free to use.