Showcase of our Online Shop

10 March 2021

In this Use Case, we will showcase our Online Shop through screenshots and captions. Our client, Monaturals Pty (Ltd), sells natural health products online. This client wanted a clean, simple shop with modern look and feel.

Below we showcase our Online Shop as we implemented on You will see a short introductory note and the screenshots we took from the system.

See Online Shop for product details.


Here, the user will see an introduction to the focus of the business, a button to start shopping and a Whatsapp messaging icon for instant chat.

When the user lands on the home page.
When the user clicks on the Whatsapp icon

To showcase our Online Shop catalogue, checkout and payments

When user clits on green START HERE button or Shop menu item.
After the user clicked on a specific product on the shop.
After creating a shopping cart and checking out.
When the user checks out without Online Payments.
When the user is checking out using Online Payments
When the user wants to login in to their account.

When the joins

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