We provide

Hosted Applications

to operate business online

  1. Accounting sales, invoices, payments, quotes, tax, expenses, purchases, journals, customers, vendors, reports
  2. HR company, employees, notes, leave, departments, reports, roles, titles, reports
  3. CRM contacts, agents, meetings, tasks, B2B contacts, reports
  4. Projects dashboards, teams, clients, milestones, files, tasks, calendar, reports, daily digest, gantt charts, time tracking, invoicing, kanban boards, reports
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  1. Work files, emails, calendars, tasks, bookmarks, workflow
  2. Meetings text, video
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  1. Inventory manage products & services: raw materials, goods in production, finished goods; use barcodes, handheld scanners, mobile phone scanners
  2. Display products, services, subscriptions
  3. Quote accept requests for quote, generate quotes, send quotes
  4. Sell accept orders with payments from eft, bank card, money market, instant loan
  5. Deliver via courier service: display fees, offer delivery options - economy, same day, overnight
  6. Manage Loyalty allocate points, give rewards
  7. Manage Affiliates get referrals, pay commissions, get reports
  8. Accomodate multiple sellers run marketplace, get paid on commission or sign-up
  9. Run Point Of Sale (POS) run multiple registers, synchronise your cash sales with your online shop
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  1. Office laptops, printers, network adapters
  2. Consumer smart tv's, smart phones, wearables
  3. Smart Devices smart toothbrush, robot vacuum and mop, smart cameras, smart doorbells
  4. Power inverters, batteries, cabinets
  5. Security cameras, video recorders
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Motale Computer Systems cc (2003 / 082303 / 23) is backed by experience of building and managing online systems from 1999.